Your subcontractor for component assembly and more

We provide support for your production. In addition to contract assembly work, we also take on other contract work such as contract packaging, assembly and storage of your products. From screwing, gluing, pressing and welding to functional testing and proper packaging, we take on a wide range of contract work.



Assembly service - component assembly

Packaging - contract packaging


Quality control service - Contract sorting




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This is what sets us apart

Flexibility - We react quickly and dynamically to changing requirements
Speed - Quick decisions due to a flat hierarchical structure
Uncomplicated - Our aim is to make your everyday working life easier
Reliability - Despite our fast order processing, we guarantee 100% quality and on-time delivery


Your benefits

Reference projects

The following is a sample of our successfully completed outsourcing projects with our customers.

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As we have a lean structure, we can offer our services at attractive conditions.
Benefit now from our long-standing experience and contact us with a non-binding enquiry. We would also be happy to introduce ourselves to you personally.


Our common path to success

1. Consulting

1. Consulting

Description: We will discuss your project with you and advise you on your options

Methods: Make-or-buy analysis, outsourcing check

Objective: The best possible solution for you

2. Quotation preparation

2. Quotation preparation

Description: We calculate a binding price for you for the desired services and inform you about production and delivery times

Methods: Quotation creation tool, MTM time studies

Objective: Concrete figures and data for your planning

3. Supply of the goods

3. Supply of the goods

Description: Delivery is carried out by you, your supplier or we collect the goods on site.

Objective: Initial sampling, production line start-up

4. Execution

4. Execution

Description: We process your order quickly and efficiently according to your specifications.

Methods: Lean Production Methods

Objective: Ready-to-ship finished goods in the required quality

5. Dispatch

5. Dispatch

Description: The finished products are professionally packaged and stored by us until dispatch.

Objective: On-time delivery Delivery in the correct quantity and quality.

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